USDT sent via to Optimism not showing in metamask

Hey guys, i sent some USDT to MetaMask via optimism, but its not showing up in the wallet. Ive added USDT to the token list. It looks like it arrived at the address when looking at the TXID.

How do i get it to show in my MetaMask account?


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Hi friend! If you are sure the funds show up on the optimistic etherscan (block explorer), then please ensure the following:

  1. You are using the correct address on MetaMask (the address that received the funds)
  2. You are connected to the correct network (optimism)
  3. You’ve manually imported the token on the correct network

Let me know if that helps.


Hi @perrdan , welcome to MetaMask community.

In addition to above reponse by 2cu4, also check this support article to help you


Thanks for your help mate, go it sorted. Im having trouble bridging the USDT from OP to Eth network within MetaMask. It keeps saying transaction failed.
Why would this be?

Could you send a screenshot or copy the error message?

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May I ask if you have sufficient ETH for fees purpose? Optimism and ETH mainnet uses ETH as fees. Also, can you describe about this error in details

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