My Metamask got hacked for $200k

Hello dear metamask community. A few days ago i woke up to a nightmare and found out that all my LP tokens got drained in this transaction:

If you look on etherscan with this transaction 0x2a9f8b44f24ea5f9aa0effa92dc2bdcd88c1a4631a2a6cf29fea30c1ce7d2b60

Somehow I approved an externally owned account in this transaction:
Check on etherscan this transaction: 0xe5dea0ed748b8afeb4c8272049592cb5cc7da0ceb79ebf68a0510a997965b309

I have checked my browser history at the timestamp of the approval and i was not on any phising websites.

Does anyone know how this could have happened?

Thx in advance and Best regards.