My support request has almost been open for amonth no action at all

Hi Support team please please please look at case / ticket #297360 I opened it almost a month ago and nothing NOTHING has been done.

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#support #297360 please?

#support please look at ticket 297360 !?!?!?!?

No news no contact no support N-O-T-H-I-N-G done at all. For #community reading this #announcement #support:general I have reported my problem (lot’s of money dissapeared from my wallet) on August 25th… it’s not like there are no alternatives to Metamask but if they do not step up this is going on the social networks to reach more people #announcement

297360 is now under review…

Similar issue here. Logged a support request over 6 weeks ago, only response from Support so far is a message to ask if the issue is still happening? Immediately replied yes and heard nothing more. What sort of support service is MetaMask supposedly offering - they obviously have no respect or concern for their users. Very surprised and disappointed that an organisation of this scale has such a total disregard towards their customers :frowning:

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@Dunscannin my issue has now been open for another few weeks with one of their support going “your issue is under review” and “are you still seeing this issue?” followed by (many days later) ;
From someone named Serena…
Oct 1, 2021, 1:11 ADT


Which transaction are you referring about? Can you point it out or give more details?
Let us know if you have any other questions.

To which I replied
Hi Serena, and wider Support team,

Are you for real? Asking me what transaction is was about a month later?!? MAPS is the coin!!!

I repeat;

Done several transactions in the past hour or so with POLS, ETH and ENG but the MAPS has failed.

Trsansaction history shows Approve confirmation at 2:32 today followed by

Swaps transaction Amount 0 (zero) ETH it was a transaction to USDC same as the others.

This is for 666.20984 MAPS to USDC but it is stating swaps? not even a token please help me find this it is a lot of money/value.

can you please check the logs and screenshots and please do NOT make the next update again “we are reviewing your case”… and then ask such simple question which was already provided.

Thank you,
signed – my name -

To which there has been ZERO actions or response…

METAMASK support seems to be happy for users to go to the competition!! It’s not like there are no alternative.

#support please please please check my ticket #297360