My Tokens Don't Appear in Metamask

Yesterday I made a transaction from Binance to Spell’s Metamask via the Avalanche network, but the slado does not appear on the account.
I consulted Snowtrace, and apparently everything is ok.
I configured the network in my wallet and already added Tokem, and I tried to open my wallet in another browser, the slado is still zero.
Could someone help me with this please.

TxID 0x3d1f0bebb9961dae637586ed7aeb6bb43f87d70b1cb5d0742e04cae69413641b



Hey @Kadu1505, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It looks like the transaction was successful and SPELL was transferred to your wallet. Please make sure you have imported the correct contract address for the SPELL token:

If the issue still continues, try these steps on our Knowledge Base:


Hi, @nakedwinnie.
Thanks for the good lives.
Token included through Coinmaketcap.
I’ve already tried opening the wallet in another browser, and again including the network through Chainlist and again from Tokem, and nothing.
What else can I do?


Would you be able to provide a screenshot of your wallet? That would provide more helpful information.

Also make sure that you imported the contract address from CoinMarketCap for Avalanche network, not Ethereum or another network.

Of course!
Follow the screenshot.

Hmm, yea this is weird lol. Everything looks right, and snowtrace shows the tokens in your wallet :thinking:

Try importing by clicking the MetaMask logo here :point_down:


I did and nothing happened

Try importing the address manually:


Agora apareceu!!!

Esta certo isso?

YES :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: the token can also look like this (without picture)


Thank you so much.

God bless you

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Transferi USDT da Gateio para minha Metamask, através da rede polygon, o endereço está correto, a operação foi confirmada, mas não foi creditado na minha Metamask

Hi @LucianePaixao add Polygon to MetaMask

Open and click on fox :fox_face: icon :point_down:

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