My transfer has been lost I need help to get it back

After setting up my wallet I transferred over 2,000 Gala tokens to my wallet but they have not shown up in my wallet.

I need help to retrieve them


Have you made sure you sent the tokens on the correct network, added that respective network to your MetaMask wallet along with the contract address for the respective token on the specified network and checked?

You can check what happened with your tokens or within your wallet by checking your public address on the block explorer of the respective network on which you sent the Gala tokens.


Can you show me how I can check that - I transferred it to the Main account Ethereum network from Coinbase. I thought that the wallet would be able to handle different coins.

Check your MetaMask ETH address here:

Try open CoinMarketCap page :point_down: and click MetaMask icon :fox_face:


Ah, I think i might have sent the Gala to the Eth wallet - is that the problem?


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