Did not receive GALA tokens from GALA Wallet to Meta Mask?

I have transferred GALA tokens to my Meta Mask Wallet and the transaction was confirmed as succesful on the EtherScan but it doesn’t show up in my MetaMask Wallet?
I have checked the Wallet address and it matches my Meta Mask account with the Etherscan.
I have added the GALA token using the Import Custom token list on MetaMask but it doesn’t show up?

Thank you for any help/support/guidance you can provide.

As you say, it seems that the money did get transferred to your Metamask wallet.

Could it be that you did not add GALA to your Metamask wallet correct ?

I can’t post the link to the website support(.)gala(.)games but found this on there website. You could try to search for it your self “Add GALA to Metamask on ethereum network”.


You are correct. Someone from GALA games Support (Seah) helped me. I removed the GALA token because it added 16 decimals originally to my Meta Wallet.

When I added the GALA token back with 8 decimals it displayed correctly.

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the help


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