Problem of transfer from kucoin to metamask

Hi everyone,
I made a gala coins transfer from Kucoin to Metamask.
8591.22053552 gala through the etherium network.
By surprise, I received 0.000000859122053552 gala in metamask .
what do I have to do to recover my galas?
I had to reset my metamask account, no success.
Please help me it is about $2512.

Thank you

Hi Eric @EFT when you check your MetaMask eth address on the page :point_down: do you see the right number of tokens there?

Try open and click on fox :smiley: :point_down:

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Thank you very much.
I just received all my coins

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was this sorted? i have the same issue sold an nft on opensea and not showing in my MM wallet opensea said check the internal transaction which shows they have sent the funds to me but wallet still say zero!?! any help would be appreciated

@Beal_C86: Could be a different Issue. Please start a new topic, in the proper channel.

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