Network doesn't match its associated chain ID or name

I have created a new Layer 1 Blockchain network with name of StorageChain and Symol is STOR. All of network configurations are correct but i’m facing warning message

This network doesn't match its associated chain ID or name. Many popular tokens use the name STOR, making it a target for scams. Scammers may trick you into sending them more valuable currency in return. Verify everything before you continue.

I want to remove this warning message, our project is real and our coin is traded on Uniswap. we want this warning message to be removed.

Hi could you share a little bit more details where are you creating a network in MetaMask wallet UI or is it inside config file in your dev tools? A little more information would help, thanks

Hi, not the OP, but I am having a similar issue, after adding the network in the wallet UI, using a chain ID that seems to be unused by any major network.

Hi which network is it, are you developing or just using MetaMask wallet, thanks