Adding Custom Network as Ganache ChainID Issue

I am trying to add Ganache as Custom network in Metamask but getting error on chainID. I have use 1337 as chain id but it displays message as below.
“A malicious network provider can lie about the state of the blockchain and record your network activity. Only add custom networks you trust.”

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Hello, metamask is only a friendly prompt. You must be cautious about non mainstream chains, because adding malicious chains may be recorded and read your data. Therefore, if you firmly believe that there is no problem with the chain you add, you can ignore the prompt of metamask. I wish you a happy life


Thank you. Yes, I want to ignore prompt message but it does not allow to save the network. Save button is disabled. Is there any other way to ignore warning?

This seems to be a local test network. I haven’t experienced it. You can check whether your configuration is wrong. I see many relevant posts on the network, but because there is no link here, you can search the relevant configuration content yourself. I would also like to remind you once again that you should pay attention to the security of your account. Please separate your savings account from your test account

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Are you filling out the other information? Network name and RPC URL?

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