Network selector / Default

(1) This is my first attempt to use Metamask or Uniswap or Pancake swap. When I tried to use Pancakeswap with Metamask it said to go to the top of the page and find Network selector to choose Mmask. I can’t find it anywhere even when I try to return to the start page. (2) When I tried to connect to my wallet , it keeps defaulting to Coinbase Wallet and tells me to scan the Q code. I don’t want CW , I want Mmask, but it will not default to it even if I choose Mmask among the selections. Any suggestions…thanks

Hello. You’ll need to use the wallet connect link to connect your MetaMask to pancake or Uniswap router

I finally found the right link to connect to the wallet. But, every time I try to connect to metamask, it defaults to CB Wallet, even though I don’t have it open on my desktop or my iPhone. I don’t understand why it appears (the QR code telling me to scan ) when I am tapping the link for Mmask. Any more suggestions? Thanks