New account om metmask

I have just staked some LOOKS tokens using metamask successfully…connected to the Looksrare site.
I want to stake JOE tokens now …can I use the same Metamask to connect to TraderJoexyz for staking at the same time ???
or…should I use a separate wallet ???

Hey @nunzi4512, you can use the same MetaMask wallet, or create a new wallet address. It’s up to you, however you want to organize it :slight_smile:

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…so I create another account on the same metamask that is already connected to LOOKSrare…set it up for the avalanche network…and connect that account to the Trader Joe site where I can stake my Joe tokens ??
I just want to make sure that I have this correct so I don’t lose any tokens in the process.


Yes, that is correct :slight_smile:

You can use multiple networks and stake multiple tokens with the same wallet address.

thanks for your help. I am a 68 yr old novice and sending sums into cyberspace not knowing exactly what I’m doing is nerve wracking.
I have set up another account on Metamask …call it account 3…and set p the metamask for the avalanche network…deposited and staked JOE…
AND I also have LOOKSRARE account…on ehtereum network…with LOOKS tokens staked.
when I click on the account 2 to see whats happening…then I have to switch to avalanche network in order to see whts happening w staked tokens on Trader Joe… then I go to the Looks rare site…everything shows zero staked, and wrong network.
so I’m worried that my tokens are not staying staked as I switch from avalanche to ethereum networks in order to see whats happening…confusing and making me think that I need a separate wallet for every staking

It can definitely be nerve wracking in the beginning, it was for me :laughing:

Different dapps may use different networks. In this case, LooksRare is on Ethereum, so you will need to be on Ethereum network to see your staked tokens. Trader Joes is on Avalanche, so you will need to be on Avalanche network to see your staked tokens. If you have also staked on different wallet addresses, make sure that you are on the correct address that you have staked tokens on. There are also dapps that help you keep track of your staked tokens across networks that you may be interested in, such as Zapper :point_down:

Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base that will help you understand things better:

thank you very much…I really appreciate having someone that knows what they’re doing…been there, done that…to go to for help…

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