Various accounts on metamask

I have staked various coins through metamask…and for each one I have set up a separate accountl
sand…matic network
joe…avalanche network
looks…eth network.
I am wondering if there are any drawbacks to using separate accounts on M rather than putting them all in one account.
can you let me know any concerns or negatives in using separate accounts


No concerns or drawbacks :slight_smile:

Some people prefer to use separate accounts to organize their staked tokens, and other people prefer to have it all under one account.


Hi @nunzi4512 , there are no draw backs or negative thing about having multiple accounts on Metamask as mentioned by @nakedwinnie. And you can access to all these accounts with your master key i.e recovery phrase which you must have backed up while creating your wallet.



Thanks for your help.
I have another problem: 2 days ago I moved 1070 FETC tokens to Metamask and I had to d a TOKEN BRIDGE in order to stake the tokens. I entered the addresses…followed the prompts from Metamask…and cannot find the 1070 FETCHtokens
There were 2 transactions for the 1070 FETCH tokens…both prompted by my metamask wallet when I instigated the TOKEN BRIDGE…ERC20 TO NATIVE…see native address below
note: I tried the same transaction again yesterday with 140 tokens…and got the exact same addresses to which the FETCH tokens were going…so I canceled…didn’t follow through. The 140 fetch tokens remained in my wallet.
can’t find the 1070 FETCH tokens

Transaction hash : 0x43284abc73d7479a2e1c6d696e76e3f3f44304e4bd2f9ec620b3015636ad2b1b


… native address ; fetch1w4gwynwm5g800xl7lflv029c2zn00ddgxzhzpr


i removed my metamask account from my chrome browser this morning. I followed directions from metamask tutorial on restoring the account using my 12 words…which I did.

The restored account doesn’t show even a fraction of the tokens that I have. I have tried following…

How to add missing accounts after restoring with Secret Recovery Phrase…but this does not help/.Luckily the accounts show up on Zapper… but they don’t show up onmy MM. What do I do??

There are several reasons why this could have happened. Please make sure you are typing in the correct Secret Recovery Phrase for the correct wallet address you are trying to access.

Here is more information on the Knowledge Base:


hELLO…I typed in the correct phrase…my accounts with ethereum showed up…but my other accounts did not.
I had 1000 sand tokens staked on the Sandbox website…where I had bridged Sand to Polygon on the sandbox website… my 1000 Sand tokens were staked through my MM… now they don;t show up anywhere…they showed up on Sandbox this morning when I collected rewards for the week…now the sandbox website doesn’t show them…my MM was connected to Sandbox before I accidently removed MM from chrome…

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You can access your other accounts by clicking Create account again.

Please refer to the article I linked above :slight_smile:

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