Sent Fetch from Metamask to Cosmosstation

I had 1070 Fetch tokens on my metamask wallet that I tried to send from MM to my Cosmosstation wallet for staking.
I first had to go to to set up a token bridge…which I did…I double checked the addresses…since the fetch tokens had to be on their native . So when I executed…my 1070 tokens left MM but never got to my cosmosstation. Can’t figure out whaere they went

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A transaction hash would help us figure out what happened.

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Thanks for your help. There were 2 transactions for the 1070 FETCH tokens…both prompted by my metamask wallet when I instigated the TOKEN BRIDGE…ERC20 TO NATIVE…see native address below
note: I tried the same transaction again yesterday with 140 tokens…and got the exact same addresses to which the FETCH tokens were going…so I canceled…didn’t follow through. The 140 fetch tokens remained in my wallet.
can’t find the 1070 FETCH tokens

Transaction hash : 0x43284abc73d7479a2e1c6d696e76e3f3f44304e4bd2f9ec620b3015636ad2b1b


From the Token Bridge page…
Native address: fetch1w4gwynwm5g800xl7lflv029c2zn00ddgxzhzpr

I appreciate your help

wondering if you have taken a look at this to try to determine what happened to my 1070 FETCH TOKENS…

I’m really sorry for the delay in response.

I’m not familiar with this particular token or its staking process, but the Fetch tokens show as available on the txn hash you linked: | Block Explorer

From my own staking experience, you wont see the tokens in your metamask wallet while they’re in a staking contract. The tokens I’m staked with allow you to interact with them through the same site you staked them with.

[redacting this link. in a more thorough read through of some of their support materials, it has some suspicious behavior. In one support doc, it suggests importing your seed phrase into their wallet. Though this isn’t necessarily always a scam, it is a red flag to be aware of]

If not, I would reach out to their support group; as they’ll be more familiar with the specifics of their staking process.

Be careful, many scammers will pose as official support.
Never share your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) or private keys
Never enter your secret recovery phrase or private keys into any website.
Never trust someone asking you to “authenticate your wallet”
Never import a private key or a seed phrase to your wallet that someone gave you
Beware of fake websites

rEGARDING THE 1070 fetch TOKENS…You sid that they are available …where??/

From that txn hash, it looks like they were sent into a smart contract for staking.

Your txn there (where it shows them as available): | Block Explorer
I’m not familiar with Fetch but from their block explorer it looks like those tokens are seen by the network, and should be ready to interact with. If cosmosstation was the wallet you used to receive them, I would stick with it. Typically for staking you need to connect your wallet on the staking site.

I found for their support email, but I don’t have the resources to verify they are a real project. (there are over 500,000 tokens on just the Ethereum blockchain, with news projects coming online nearly every day. We can’t verify all of them. It’s up to your due diligence to make sure they are legitimate, before placing your confidence or assets in their hands.

Hello…I am not doubting the FETCH project. I know that it is legit. The token has been recommended through a service that I subscribe to.

Cool. Good to hear that.

Have you checked their site to see if you’re able to interact with your fetch from there?

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