My Metamask and Brave Wallets are mixed up causing problems with staking

April '22 - I’m new to the Dapp server/Ether/Web3 world so I take full blame for this. I have the Brave wallet browser with a Metamask extension. A few months ago, I discovered a new crypto platform online that uses a dual rewards auto-staking protocol. It uses BEP-20 tokens called Libero and BNB and requires lock-up periods to stake rewards. I was doing everything for the first time on Metamask. Like adding custom tokens and contract addresses and all that stuff. I had to use Pancake Swap to get the Libero tokens. Another thing I’m not real good at using. Well while I was doing transactions, the Brave wallet from my browser kept opening up and interfering with what I was doing. I didn’t understand that Brave was set to be the wallet that automatically opens up at the first smell of ETH. It took me a day to figure that out. So somehow, 2 thirds of my locked tokens were “showing up” from an account connected to Brave. But none of the staking rewards for the Libero and BNB were registering. When I allowed the Metamask to connect to the platform, 1 third of my locked Libero appeared and the rewards tickers were moving just fine. I imported the Brave account to Metamask to see if some how that would combine the two accounts. But now I understand how that’s probably not possible. So I have all my Libero and BNB on Metamask. I think? But they’re split into the 1st account and the 4th account. 2 & 3 are empty accounts. Made them by accident. I scoured the BscScans and Etherscans for days trying to fix this problem. It was a huge mess. Now everything is accounted for but my wallet is having issues communicating with the platform, about $300 worth of tokens are stuck in limbo. I can’t access them. I’ve added the token contracts and everything. Could they still be on the Brave wallet? The platform says they are on Metamask, but I can’t try to access them without getting a $16,000 gas fee or one of 3 different errors or a message that says the account address I’m using doesn’t match the address Metamask is connected to… Plus I have that problem with the Libero that’s not earning anything from this crazy high fixed APY for like 2 months! Sorry to write so much. I just want to be as thorough as I possibly can in hopes of getting some answers. I couldn’t find ANYTHING about my problem on the internet. But I learned a lot about Web3 and Dapp servers and gas fees and all that cool stuff. I guess at 50 years old it’s not too late to learn something new. I just wish it was easier to understand! And I cannot find tech support from the staking platform. So now I’m trying you guys. Sounds pretty simple, right?


Wallets are a way to access an account, not the account itself. So importing the MM Secret Recovery Phrase into the Brave wallet wasn’t a bad idea, it just won’t achieve your goal of getting everything into one wallet. That will make it so the Brave wallet can access both accounts.

To get everything into one wallet you’ll have to unstake, send to the other wallet, then restake. Each of those transactions will require gas fees. Unstaking is a pretty low gas cost, sending and staking aren’t.

Some staking sites can search the wallet address directly, so that may be the easiest method. What’s the staking platforms website? If that’s an option, I would copy each of the addresses to a notepad file, then check them. Any that have staked tokens, make a note of. Then rename the accounts to help track where they are.

You could also check the Brave wallet addresses on a block explorer to see if there were any of that token sent to it, or staked from it. Most staking transactions are a “transfer by partition.” You’ll see all BEP20 txns on their own tab.

If you want to post your wallet addresses and what the token is, we can take a look, and try to help figure out which accounts are likely the right ones to connect to the staking site.

Might be easier to use a different browser (like chrome or firefox) with the Metamask wallet. Though you’ll have to import the SRP, then add the BNB chain, and tokens. so maybe not. This would keep the brave wallet and Metamask from trying to step on each others toes. Which should allow you to connect and interact with both accounts a bit more easily.


I trust you guys to send you the info you need to check it out. I’m at a loss… Literally… I’ve been missing out on the rewards forever. Here is the staking site. It’s a little unconventional. But clever. The token is called Libero. You earn Libero, X-Libero and BNB as rewards. There’s a bank you can lock your tokens up in for up to 4 years. I chose that number for max returns. There’s a Thoreum token link you can use to swap coins. I did that as well as used Pancake Swap.
The original Metamask account 1 that I wanted to use by itself for this is 0xFbce3b05A219BE5666661EA917F6318ae6998b58
The account I imported from Brave to Metamask with the other part of my assets is 0x145106Eae93BE87075D1634ee09fbaf770e07079
I actually did attempt to unstake the coins in this account to move them to Account 1, but that just caused an interdimensional time warp and my tokens are more lost than they were before.
Oh and here’s a bsc scan of the Original Brave Wallet… /address/0x145106Eae93BE87075D1634ee09fbaf770e07079


I see Xlibero dropping into the brave wallet: Address 0x145106Eae93BE87075D1634ee09fbaf770e07079 | BscScan

Also the Metamask wallet:

Each of the extra accounts, will have their own addresses as well. (happy to check them for what I can see as well)

So it looks like those two are correctly staked. When you’re on the Libero financial site, you should be able to open the metamask window, and switch to account 4. (might have to click the “connect wallet” button again.) Can you see anything listed there? Could also check that address on the explorer.


Bah… I could’ve sworn I replied to this a long time ago… No wonder I wasn’t getting an answer… Anyway to answer your question, when I switch to account 4 which is now account 9, I can see stats on the website like:
xLIBERO in wallet (Will be used when unlock to Libero) 533.9
Lock until Sat Apr 09 2022 22:25:42

When I try to unlock the Libero, I get this first. A banner with an unlock button that says:
Unlock xLIBERO
You can unlock 100% on: Sat Apr 09 2022 22:25:42
You locked: 27,191.66 LIBERO
You will receive: 27,191.66 LIBERO

But when I click unlock My Metamask says the gas fees are going to be 0.47253382 BNB
THIS IS THE alledged address for the locked up Libero 0xb2b11D8DA4cd9c20410de6EB55BAD2734983040E

Could that address be wrong?

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Hey @SIGCZR, it is likely that you have interacted with a fake staking website that just sends your tokens to another wallet address. Staking addresses should be smart contract addresses, and your tokens were sent to a another wallet address

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No. Libero Financial is legit. I just messed it up somehow.

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Really sorry @SIGCZR , I totally overlooked this in notifications.
From Etherscan’s info on that address, it’s a contract address for xLibero Bank. That transaction fee seems really high. Ive seen some really expensive txns like that on Ethereum in the middle of some NFT drops, or other high profile on-chain events, but BNB tends to be cheaper and not have as much sudden demand.

5-5 Gwei | Bsc Gas Tracker | BscScan - can give a sense of what txn fees are like at any given time. But the shown fees are for sending BNB. More sophisticated transactions (like sending tokens, or removing liquidity) require more bits, thus use more than the 21,000 gas used for a BNB transfer.


Well, I know that if you try to unlock your banked Libero, turned XLibero, before the lockup date, you lose 90% of your holdings. Could that have something to do with it? Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 9.41.34 AM.png

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Math seems off (90% loss would move the decimal place. EG 27,121 would be 2,712.1 to you, after penalty)

Also strange as the lockup date has long since passed.

Are you sure this is the actual Libero Finance site, and not a cloned scam site?

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Yeah. It’s the actual site. This should have been the project I was least worried about investing in. The most members… The most money… Lots of publicity. It keeps growing and growing. Without me, of course. Instead, I get these errors I can’t read.

ye,the brave wallets and the metamask wallet is mixed up ,you must asset them

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Asset them? What do you mean?

There’s a lot of scams dapps that will clone a popular site, and change or flip letters in the domain name to deceive users. So it’s worth asking to be sure.

Part of the issue is that 21,100 gas will never get a token transfer to happen. 21,000 is for an Eth transfer. Each token is a little different, due to how many bits need to be processed by the EVM, but most are 150k gas units or more to transfer. Which is why you’re getting the error in the second Screen shot (“intrinsic gas too low”)

158,000% APY sounds pretty fishy to me. I put in $10, and get ~$15,800 back in one year?


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