New address detected message(s)

Since yesterday when i try to collect rewards on various daps i get this message “New address detected! Click here to add to your address book”. Is there anyway to validate if the address i am expected to add is actually related for example to Pancakeswap?

In an other Telegram group someone suggested this was the result of a Metamask update. I doubt that is true as i use Metamask for years and i never had this before. I hope someone recognizes this.


The only thing I have in mind is that the dApp is a bridge chain or crosschain exchange that see your new added chain???
Just a guess but my buddy advice do not authorize that until you clarify better… Can you see the address of this new phantom wallet? Is same of your MM wallet?

PS what about Token AllowanceTracker or wallet permission check tool? Is there any smart contract that has Unlimited authorization on your wallet?

did you find a solution ??
im facing the same

A friend told me it was nothing to worry about so i ended up doing transactions as before. It has been over a week and in every transaction that annoying message is shown but no negative things happened. All my coins are still there.

I have the same issue but the address has other coins that are not mine. This looks wrong… did you find out anything?

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