"New address detected" while swapping

Hi the community,

When i want to swap on my metamask with pancakeswap, before confirming,
there is a message saying : “new address detected, click here to add to your address book”

What does it mean ?

I want to be sure before clicking on it

Thanks a lot !

Hey @Ber, first and foremost, please make sure you are interacting with a legitimate website. It could be a fake version of pancakeswap that you are interacting with.

This message occurs whenever you are able to send tokens to a new address that you have not previously interacted with, and it also gives you the option of saving the address in your MetaMask wallet.

Can you explain what steps you are taking to have this message appear?


Hey @nakedwinnie,

Thanks for your response !

So, yes i verified the site before with the oficial adress

The steps are :
-i connect my metamask
-i choose the token with the adress from coinmarketcap
-i swap
-i confirm the swap

  • a window appear “waiting for confirmation”
  • at the same time the notification metamask appear and at the top there is notified account 1 “arrow” other account “0x10E…024e” with the message “new address detected, click here to add to your address book”

But, like you said, it is the first time i swap on metamask with pancakeswap, so could it be the adress of pancakeswap where i send my crypto-currencie for receive of this adress my token ?
I think it is, no ? In this case, sorry, i’m a beginner maybe too much suspiscious :slight_smile:

Correct, since this is your first time making a swap on pancakeswap this message appears :slight_smile:

Thank you for confirming here with the MetaMask community first though! There’s a lot of scammers out there so it’s definitely good to be careful.


So, in order to know for the other beginners, i clicked on the link “add to my adress book” and before to validate an another link is proposed to verified this adress on bscscan.
And it is the adress of Pancakeswap.
I received my token a few second later.

Thank you for your help @nakedwinnie
Rom from france.

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