New approve entered by user

You have added recently a new upgrade to let the user set the approval amount for an erc20 token.

I thin’k it’s a very good idea, but it would be better if it were possible to add a higher amount than the owned amount.

Avoid having to change the amount when I have more tokens, it will be nice to give the option to add the maximum of uint256.



I have just proved that it is possible.

But it would be nice if the alert would appear as a warning (yellow or orange) instead of red, as it gives the impression that it is an error.

And also, the input should have the default amount added, so that it is not initialised empty.

Is it possible to see the amount that the user inputted on the tx receipt?

Asking because this breaks some things in our app as we’re not immediately aware of how much the user approved.

There is a “Use default” option via which you can do what you mean. Please see the attached image.

The current update is helpful to avoid giving an infinite access permission to malicious contracts.