New UI for `approve` transactions


I do believe this is bug;

I have next code in typescirpt:

 if ( {
      await erc20Contract
        .approve(contract.address, payAmount)
        .then((tx) => handle(tx))

In the new mm UI, user has to explicitly set up approve value or user can click default and accept value from dApp. In my case value of payAmount. For example:

If payAmount is 42*10**18 : that is 42 ERC token with decimals 18 to approve. So if user clicks default it expected value in new form is 42, but actual is 42*10**18

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Hi! Would you be able to report this on Github?

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Sure, I have just created new github issue.

I can not add links here, so here is gh reference:


This is no bug. Sorry for inconvenience;
closed gh issue.


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