New Login for Extension

As of today, when I attempt to click on the Metamask extension on my browser, I am not prompted with the open window for my password. Instead, it opens another window with " Welcome to MetaMask. Connecting you to Ethereum and the Decentralized Web. We’re happy to see you." screen and if I click on Get Started, it takes me to two options, create new wallet and import wallet.

Why am I being asked to import my wallet, which requires me to add my seed phrase and is asking me to update my password? I am on the same computer and have never accessed my metamask on another computer. Only the personal and my mobile app. I’ve updated my browser in the past and this has not happened. Is this expected?

I have been trying to sign up all day. I put in my new password. Confirm it. Continue. Then stare at the logo for half an hour at a time, watching the little circle go around.

It sounds like cache got cleared or you got an update. What browser are you using and version?