Nifty Ink image not showing up in NFT SECTION

Hi MetaMask crew. Love this product, great work.
I got a problem after adding Nifty Ink on the mobile version of MM. An image representing NFT is not showing up in NFT tab, and all I can see is grey background,with Nifty Ink logo on it and ID of NFT. Am I doing something incorrectly or not every nft is supported yet? I only add that Nifty Ink is living on xDai chain, and I got another NFT on this chain added up to MetaMask, which is displaying an image in nice way.

Also when adding up NFTs on browser version of MM will be possible?

Cheers and keep up good work

Think I have a similar issue to hedgehog34…

I minted an NFT (Ropsten) where the metadata is uploaded on IPFS. Added the NFT contract on MetaMask Mobile but only see the NFT name and symbol in the UI (i.e. no image or description). That ipfs io gateway is flaky and so I also created new NFT where the files are linked to Pinata gateway instead. Still not seeing the image though. (I have verified the links are correct by querying the tokenURI)

Is it that MM Mobile will not load from Pinata? Or does MM get this info from OpenSea which only supports Rinkeby test network? Or other? Thanks for any help!