No longer quick access to ethscan on new update

Normally when we go to ‘top right three dots’, There was ‘View Account In Explorer’ available (and it directs to etherscan)

Now with the latest version, this option is removed :face_in_clouds: , those new six options lead somewhere else, not only a 2-3 click to access etherscan - I look around and still cannot find any button for etherscan (unless I gotta jump on my tx details, which takes many more clicks)

I know a team is improving on ease to access for adoption (as we noticed on the new cartoonish MetaMask Portfolio website), but etherscan is also very crucial for a user

NGL, that View Account In Explorer button is obviously more important than ‘Connected Sites’ or ‘Expand View’

The button is located in the account section. Click the arrow next to your current account, then the 3 dots next to it and you’ll find it there. It is indeed 3 clicks away.


Oh no, How fool I was, got it.

still… it was 2 clicks before… now you made it 3 clicks …
i am really missing how it was before thou as well

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