No web3 wallet found

I am trying to connect MEW wallet to Metamask. I have followed the instructions here on the MEW Wallet help site… /getting-started/how-to-access-your-wallet/ -

To connect MEW with MetaMask:
This assumes you already have a MetaMask wallet.
Step 1. Login to your MetaMask wallet via their Chrome Extension.
Step 2. On the MEW front page, select ‘Access My Wallet’.
Step 3. Select the ‘Browser Extension’ option to connect.
Step 4. Read and accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’, then select ‘Access My Wallet’.
Step 5. Confirm connection in the MetaMask pop-up window.
Step 6. You’re done!

BUT when I click on step 3… an error shows No Web3 wallet found. I have cleared my cache and is open in Chrome. I am opening also MEW wallet in Chrome.
Please help me… what might I be doing wrong?

Also can I simply transfer ethereum to my Metamask wallet from Binance so I can connect to Uniswap or do I need to go through MEW wallet.
Newbie here… appreciate any assistance that you can give. Thank you.

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