Not find my BUSD on MetaMask

Hi , I am Benny from Germany. Trying I’m school English gonget help from you guys. I send from my Binance account BUSD to MetaMask, transaction was successful, I just can not see the BUSD on MetaMask. Please I will appreciate your help very much. Greetings from south Germany

Hi Benny :slightly_smiling_face: used BEP20 for withdraw BUSD?

When you used ERC20 :point_down: open this page and click on Fox icon (MetaMask)

I think so that I used (where I can see that?) BEP20 , I also use the MetaMask app on iOS

OK when you used BEP20 must added Binance Smart Chain :point_right:

and after :slightly_smiling_face: add your coins

Add Token - Custom Token and add BUSD contract address :point_down:
Open Binance USD price, BUSD price index, chart, and info | CoinGecko and copy Binance smart chain contract address… 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56

Your BEP20 transaction you see on this page: when you enter your ETH address

Didn’t find it on bscscan

On etherscan I found it

hehe so you used erc20 :smile: :+1: ok super

Ok if it is super when I click on your link than everything goes automatically?

It wrote on the link deeplink not supportet

Try click Add Token - Custom Token and add Token Contract Address: 0x4fabb145d64652a948d72533023f6e7a623c7c53

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Thank you , what I have to put in „token of precision “?

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Now it shows me BUSD :hugs: but with 0 amount

you use smart chain hehe :smile: switch on ethereum mainet

and added BUSD

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You made my day :hugs: thank you so much …what can I do for you

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Be careful Benny :smiley: have a nice day :sunglasses:

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Thank you I wish you also a nice day . I have a second question I have the busd now on the MetaMask on erc20. I try to buy lifeline coin with pancakeswap and can’t get connected to my MetaMask?

Sorry boy :eyes: I not use Pancakeswap… use MetaMask on PC or read this :point_down: