Not receiving BNB after swap

Hi, I swap a token for BNB, however, after swapping my token has gone but did not receive any BNB. In BSCscan said the transaction is successful but in Metamast activities said “dropped”. I lost my token but not receving the swapped BNB.

Transaction ID: 0xfb511de6b907aea4cc5d37caeea2a62529d1cd82ca80e23ddd97908c84ad1fc6
Transaction hash: 0x3cc5eec1c915d742d73bb73f8163564849d0e692eacca80f6182987556adf29b

My address: 0xAcbDAc229062e4A8a8AAfe6BB8C6423b54395BC1


Hey @coope, this does not look like a swap transaction. It looks like you sent BCOIN from your wallet address directly to the contract address of BCOIN.

If you would like to make a swap of your tokens, here is more information on our Knowledge Base about MetaMask Swaps:

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