Not user friendly

Hi Team

I am a recent member moving coin over from a centralised network to my own wallet.
A friend recommended MetaMask and I decided to give it a go.
Unfortunately, my experience hasn’t been great so far.
As a new user the app and the web extension both display as clunky complex versions of something that should be extremely simple and user friendly.
Finding all of your tokens is a pain, then once you have done that, each time you log in you have to navigate to the portfolio to see them all.
MetaMask should open on the portfolio page as a langing page for both the mobile app and the web extension/browser.
In my experience it should be a similar experience to your online banking. Display all your accounts and currencies on the landing page, then the ability to select each one and navigate from there.
I think you would definitely see an increase of people staying around for more once they have signed up.

Hi @Jonesy0000 ,

Thanks for the feedback!

Have you been able to check out how you can add tokens to your wallet in this article? May interest you:

Anytime you have feedback, we welcome you to come and post it. Especially when it involves details of what you would like to see changed and added.

Since you mentioned you are new. Want to share never to share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone. Also, never input on a site or pop-up window requesting it when you connect or to complete a transaction. Even if it looks like it is from MetaMask, if you are not restoring your wallet, don’t input it.

More on safety here if it interests you: