On BSC, I see the ETH icone instead of BNB

Hi all!

I use to use Firefox, I’m now using Brave.

When I did the change, I’ve reinstalled the Metamask wallet on Brave and everything works fine, appart from this little annoying this : I see ETH (and the Ethereum icon) instead of BNB (and the Binance icon).

It all works fine, the amount of coin is all right, but I’d like to correct that wrong coin identity.


Wallet→Assets tab→@bottom “Add Token”

You’ll need contract address, the token symbol, and the #decimals–all should be found on BSCscan. If you’re LPing, your DEx website should have the info.

Normally pasting in the contract populates the other fields, rendering uneditable, but best to check and be certain.

On Networks, be sure you are always on the proper network or you’ll have one of those garbage fail txns where your coin is lost(bullsht) and you still pay fees(further bs).