One wallet, two Secret Recovery Phrases

On Firefox i installed Metamask wallet.
I made a dummy account ( name “do not use” ) of Account 1 and added a Trezor as a second account ( name Trezor1” ) for security reasons.
Both accounts in this wallet are accessible via one Secret Recovery Phrase.

When I install Metamask on another device with a different Secret Recovery Phrase, I get the same account as Trezor 1.

I think its strange and less secure when there are 2 Secret Recovery Phrases linked to 1 wallet.

Any ideas if this is normal practice?

The generation of this wallet is only related to the trezor seed and passphrase (if you do not enter the passphrase to use the hidden wallet, please ignore the latter).The generation of this address has nothing to do with MM’s seed phrase.
You can connect this trezor to any MM in the world, and you will find this wallet.


Do you think that using trezor to connect MM, if you still use MM’s seed, you can increase security?

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