"Oops! Something went wrong." connecting to my own Goerli RPC Node

I run my own Goerli RPC node with JSON RPC enabled.

I can successfully connect:

But MetaMask doesn’t want to connect, although I see in the network log that it correctly fetched the chain id from the endpoint:

What’s wrong with MetaMask? What am I missing?

Note: the RPC node is on a remote box that I connect to by IP address directly (through a wireguard VPN). It’s on the 100.x.y.z space.

Ah, I see this error in the console: Error: Unknown Infura provider type "http://100.x.y.z:8545".
2022-08-10 21.03.41 Screenshot

Well, that’s not Infura… why does it think it’s Infura and how to fix that?

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Hi, I think what you are doing should work on a private blockchain like Ganache.
In the case of Goerli, you need to set up the node via Infura with your Project ID.

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Do you also get this issue on mobile?

On mobile it refuses to add the endpoint because it requires https.

I think it’s a bug and should not require HTTPS on as it’s a private Tailscale VPN the same way it doesn’t require HTTPS for

Details on tailscale . com/kb/1015/100.x-addresses/

Would you be able to submit an issue on GitHub for the http/https error on the mobile repository? :point_down:

And for the Infura provider type issue on the extension repository? :point_down:

Thanks for bringing these up!



  • Mobile github . com/MetaMask/MetaMask-mobile/issues/4842
  • Browser github . com/MetaMask/MetaMask-extension/issues/15560

But seeing the thousands of open issues, my hopes are quite low for something that should be a trivial fix…


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