OS transaction not in my wallet. However shows on etherscan

Hello all and thanks before hand. I have sole a few NFTs over the last day or so. Not for alot. About 100 dollars. However it does not seem it ended up in my wallet. Its on etherscan but that’s it. Would someone that knows a bit more be able to shed some light on this?

My wallet address is. 0xC1Ad3447A57Dd8eFB8BA610960c195444e2411F


Hello @yankeedave, welcome to MetaMask community!

Your wallet address seems to be invalid, make sure you copy paste it correctly. A transaction hash would for one of your sales would be helpful too.

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Many thanks Sorry the wallet is 0xC1Ad3447A57Dd8eFB8BA610960c195444e2411F5

The last 4 transactions under ERC721. No etch to my wallet. Many thanks

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Looking at your transactions, for the Ape as One sell, you actually lost a tiny bit of ETH, but with the other 3, you gained around 0.073, which is your current balance of ETH for your account. Transactions were successful and everything checks out.

If you still believe something may be wrong with your wallet, please refer to the following KB articles for ideas of solving the issues:


Thank you for looking over the wallet. I really appreciate it. Ill have a read of the links now. I did have about 50 dollars before which is why I questioned it.


Hi @yankeedave ,

As a small added note, the USD value can fluctuate quite a bit, so it’s sometimes better to look at the token quantity (like .05ETH) rather than the USD value.

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