Other options for on-ramp solution

I see Wyre, Transak, and Moonpay are supported for crypto on-ramp solutions but these platforms don’t provide more affordable exchange rates and more payment options, particularly for SE Asian countries. Could you please support other on-ramp providers? I have a few in mind that would be beneficial for Asian users.


I would like to see more local payment methods for users in India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Philippines.

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Welcome to the metamask community, thanks for your interest in metamask
because the companies we partner with cannot operate in every jurisdiction, as their operations are affected by varying laws and regulations. I think in the future metamask will explore cooperation with more companies and support purchases in more countries/regions


@xf0707 Can I know whom should I reach out to integrate new on-ramp providers? I can send the pull request myself for the update.

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Sorry, I don’t know, moderators may answer your question when they see it. The legal currency channel needs to follow the laws of each country. Metamask only works with companies that are compliant and have been deeply involved in crypto for many years. Cooperation involves too much financial regulation. , this is difficult to achieve, purely personal opinion, discuss with you

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Hey @srameshr, moved this topic to the Feature Requests category, and if you would like to request specific on-ramp providers, you can also create a new topic for it as a feature request.

As @xf0707 mentioned, there needs to be significant time and consideration for the on-ramp providers integrated with MetaMask.

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