Pending problem please

I have some problem in pending…

I can’t cancel nor boost…

can anyway solve my problem?

txn hash : 0x4e03aa02d49de503518011f03bb11ee6634bf369c7f87cf7583c11b8df37f41c

there’s nothing I can do. help me please…


I check your transaction, your transaction is stuck on the chain because it uses very little gas, you check the solution, if you still need help, please contact me


Hello @kylekim and welcome to MetaMask community.

It looks like you have a chain of pending transactions and the gwei you used for gas fee in the first transaction you issued is very low. In order for it to process, the gas fee needs to reach 3 gwei, same amount you chose to pay for the transaction.

Hope these articles will help you in solving your issues:


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