Pending stuck tx deposit on Vesper Finance pops up again

A old deposit i finalized a while ago onto the Vesper contract seems to relive and blocks my other transactions. I’ve tried to use the nonce transaction but that only hits other pending transactions and not other pending DEPOSITS. Thus these nonce transactions also keep pending and get stuck on a whole pile of pending transactions.

TX id of pending deposit causing all the problems:
wallet adress: 0x041A7223547f07c1e9784e53d43a3DeC479F358d

Hi, welcome to Metamask community.
You deposit Is still pending. First it will get confirmation then. Your other transactions to transfer out will get a confirmation. The only thing is you can wait as the transaction is just 2 hours old, which will get confirmation in a while as transaction fee is too low that’s why it is taking more to get confirmation. If it takes longer then it may get cancel and you have to transfer again.

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