Transaction pending for 2 week,

I blocked my account 2 weeks ago with a transaction that remained in “pending” with the message :

  • [EHJS-QUERY] while formatting ouput from RPC ‘{“value”.{ code":-32000,“message”:“transaction on would cause overdraft”}}’

In my memories the transaction was made on “testnetbridge”
I searched on the internet but nothing helped me at the moment. I read this article: “Transaction pending for 5 days, how to solve the problem? - #15 by Maryam1
but nothing either…
In the meantime I reset my MetaMask account
Parameter Advanced setting “Clear activity and nonce data”

I also tried to pay a higher fee with the nounce of the transaction.
but nothing helps…
There today the transaction has disappeared. “cancelled???”
On the other hand all my attempts to pay fees with the nounce of the transaction, its always there in pending!!


Sorry for my bad english!

Hello, welcome to the MetaMask community,

You have 3 pending transactions on Ethereum with different nonces (Nonce: 50, 51, 52)!
The point in cancelling a pending transaction is to use the same nonce as of the pending transaction. However, the transactions you have issued are with different nonces!
Please read the following article, specially Cancelling a transaction - Method 2: Custom nonce carefully before proceeding.

Let us know in case you need further assistance in this regard.


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