Please Help Me Metamask

i transfer my eth to my ronin wallet , but after sent i can"t receive any eth
i transfer my eth to ronin:c7737dbd34146203546f7669a85f3e5591a66de4 without using the bridge
it show invalid address so i delete ronin and transfer.
after that it auto change my address to 0xc7737dbd34146203546F7669A85f3E5591a66De4 , it seem like metamask address
Can please help me , i need it urgent
transaction hash : 0x23a1fac551af07b70d9474e3befc7cb64a3cac3bf73d524f09aa89687d5ca215
Please …

Hello. When did you perform the transaction?

at 22 jul , can help me ? this amount was huge for me

Have you filled any of our support form ?

no yet, where can i fill the form?

Kindly hold on I’ll send to you shortly

Hi @nicc read this post :point_down:

Hi.I am new on Metamask and I cant deposit fiat mony on Metamsak.
I cant find my country on the list.
What to do?