PLEASE HELP my funds are missing :(

im having trouble right now … i just started using metamask a few days ago and i give it a try today by sending my BNB funds to my meta wallet… after watching tutorials and reading instructions i successfully did it… but the problem is nothing comes into my wallet even after 3 hours of waiting still nothing … and im just curious when im pasting my wallet address instead of this “0x5766cC6F2bB4Aef50B7E1c4fD668Ba1cF39f32c5”
this wallet address appears “0x9BcF77406746839eFe6706c104D85323dF489b93” can someone please help me… or explain how this happening…
any help is appreciated

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Hey man, I wish I could help you but my funds are missing too. I have no idea and I watched all the tutorial video’s too and finally did it. My funds showed in my account but just checked yesterday and everything gone except 1 fucking coin!

did you get your coins back?

I have the same experience now.
Did you manage to liquidate your money.