Polygon Transaction says successful but never arrived -

I send FTM tokens from the Polygon Network to a Fantom Opera Wallet. The transaction shows completed but the tokens never arrived. The Polygon Network transaction id is: 0x9a7699d2f20814215ac59a4fed4bff
The Fantom Wallet I was trying to send it to: 0x4C2344d57a87BD2a14F2C00c519F6dbeDafA7bdb
The Fanton Wallet website: wallet.fantom.network

Your assistance is much appreciated.

Still shows zero FTM. Is it possible it needs some FTMs there - via faucet first so it can pay for the transaction?

Hey @pepperdog_0001, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

These tokens can only be accessed if Fantom Wallet supports the Polygon network. Please keep in mind that tokens cannot be sent directly from network to network, they must be transferred using a bridge.

If you have the private key for the Fantom Wallet address, you can import the address to MetaMask to be able to access the FTM tokens on Polygon from there.

Did it take a long time to wait? Maybe it will take time

Or try contacting the bridge platform you use.

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