Preconfigured network for Hedera

Hello fellow MetaMask users,

I am proposing a feature request to add Hedera as a preconfigured network in the list of networks when users “add” a network in MetaMask. As EVM networks expand and the multichain world becomes more relevant and ETH gas prices are expensive, it is important that we make it easier for people to onboard onto alternative EVM networks that have lower fees. Hedera is a perfect example of this, with almost zero transaction fees.

Currently, it is extremely difficult for new users to manually configure the network by hand in wallets like MetaMask, which can be intimidating even for seasoned technical users. By preconfiguring Hedera as a network option, it will make it much easier for people to experiment with decentralized applications on the Hedera network without having to worry about the technical details of setting up a new network.

Including Hedera as a preconfigured network option will not only benefit new users, but also increase adoption in the Ethereum/EVM compatible ecosystem and ultimately lead to increased success and usage of MetaMask.

I urge the MetaMask team to consider adding Hedera as a preconfigured network option in the “add a network” section because it would make Hedera accessible to MetaMask users who want to connect easily.

Hedera? Sounds like some centralized VC chain that will be dead within a year, I wouldn’t want to see this as a default option in MetaMask.

Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, these are great options for users looking for lower fees while inheriting the security of Ethereum ('cept Polygon being a side-chain, but they have a lot coming up).


You shouldn’t throw stones in a glass house, pal. Personally, I like to promote the entire ecosystem and I like Hedera and think it would be helpful to add for a lot of people. Btw the networks you chose are all layer2 so are centralized by design. For instance, polygon is so incredibly centralized that 6 nodes control consensus which are all geographically close to eachother. Hedera is a layer1 with 27 nodes ran highly reputable companies in every continent which is way more distributed and trustworthy.


Sure, I’ll give you that. Polygon is a sidechain and doesn’t offer the same level of security as an optimistic rollup does. They all still have their training wheels on and are centralized in a way, but at least if Arbitrum/Optimism turn malicious I can withdraw to mainnet. I don’t think Hedera offers the same guarantee. And when ZK rollups are live, and EIP-4844 comes in to play? Sub penny transactions are close™.

Anyway, when you go to add a network, MetaMask shows “Add from a list of popular networks…” and Hedera is anything but popular according to their blockchain explorer. Additionally, ConsenSys is heavily invested in the Ethereum ecosystem and are probably not too keen on adding other “competing” blockchains (though there are some like BSC).


You just admitted Hedera’s superiority in decentralization given your original centralized claim. Everything after that is you coping.

Hedera already has that and iirc it like a hundredth or thousandth of a penny and it’s fixed too. The networks you mentioned are l2 s and sidechains. Far less security than l1 native later. What are you trying to say?


First of all, Hedera is entirely decentralized and public and the network is growing strong as well as their community. Second, their defi and NFT ecosystems are also gaining traction. It would be a great addition for MM, and also the network has a lot of benefits like being the most sustainable, one of the fastest and most cost-effective.


Oh yeah, I’m coping so hard lmao :rofl: $30 million TVL, two thirds of on-chain transactions are consensus messages, 27 entire nodes, all from a blockchain I’d literally not heard of until two days ago. I’ll be legitimately impressed if Hedera is still around by 2030. But good luck getting it on the popular blockchain list in MetaMask, maybe they’ll feel bad enough to put it on there :joy:


Imagine thinking that DLT that has support of Fortune 500 corporations and leading universities has a lower chance of surviving than DLTs that are run by anonymous whales.


Angotsuka, it’s important to understand that if you only heard about it 2 days ago, you should legitimately do some more research, hours and hours before you comment with some unfounded fake facts. Thank you for your input but sadly, its all incorrect information.

TVL - more than $30m, feel free to review
VC funded - incorrect
Centralized - incorrect
Blockchain - incorrect (its a hashgraph)
“2/3rd of on-chain transactions are consensus message” - thats correct. (and a good thing based on a large part of Hedera’s offering being a aBFT consensus platform) p.s those transactions make it the most used public ledge ever.
Today, “27 distributed council nodes” to secure the network, tomorrow, community nodes, then anonymous nodes. this is what stops the the network becoming owned by 2/3 anonymous bad actors who can potentially sink the whole thing. This is all by design.

Thanks again.


i’m pretty certain that once MetaMask users have a chance to utilize the Hedera network in an easy way, they’ll be delighted. a hashgraph in every sense is fundamentally different from a blockchain (and arguably a conventional DAG) and will help other networks and apps give users a better experience!

glad this convo is happening :slight_smile:


Hedera is one of the most used L1s on the planet and i highly encourage you to take a deep dive. if your interested from a technical standpoint, I’d check out some interviews of hashgraph inventor Dr Leemon Baird (any one of them is great, but especially his classic Harvard speech)


I would rather trust a reputable corp for signing txns than an anonymous whale sitting at home smoking dope.

Mainly, the idea of decentralization aims to distribute power evenly, so that no one Corp has all control. Im case of Hedera, power is distributed evenly among 29 reputable world’s top companies. Moreover, they already have community nodes coming next year :sunglasses::sunglasses:, so more nodes would be there.

Isn’t it better that you know who’s exactly running the node in network and who signed your txn


In an effort to provide what I believe is an objective commentary on this topic of discussion:

  • MetaMask / Consensys offerings cater to a broad range of web3 personas, across both retail & institutional.

  • Hedera is a decentralized, PoS, EVM-based network that caters to both permissionless web3 applications & ecosystems (hedera [dot] com/ecosystem/web3-applications), as well as Enterprise applications and institutions (hedera [dot] com/ecosystem/enterprise-applications).

  • Decentralization is a spectrum:
    – Independent node operation by web3 organizations (chainlink labs), enterprises (FIS, Google, etc.), and Universities (ITT Madras, UCL, etc.) on-prem / no repeated cloud providers, alongside community-run nodes, and eventually fully permissionless nodes (with sufficiently distributed stake-weight (hashscan [dot] io/mainnet/nodes)) is as decentralized (if not more) than Ethereum’s current stake-weighted consensus validators (cointelegraph [dot] com/news/64-of-staked-eth-controlled-by-five-entities-nansen), also controlled majorily by large organizations.

    – Governance is akin to a DAO, with members elected by committee — members span across legal jurisdictions, time (2 terms, 3 years each), and industry, to mitigate any centralization of power by organizations or governments/nation-states in which they’re located.

  • Consensus/MetaMask has taken a position of recognizing that mass adoption for web3 requires:
    – Regulatory frameworks,
    – product offerings that abide them, and
    – that they attract & integrate networks / dapps that share a vision of (and act on) a regulated web3.

With all of this in mind, it’s reasonable to assume MetaMask / Consenys’ see it in their best interest, as an innovative & forward-thinking org, to look towards integrations that will position them well for the future.

Brady Gentile


Please save this comment for yourself to read back in a couple of years.

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Hashgraph would run MetaMask perfectly! the network would never be down. super fast speed fixed low fees and enterprise scalability


and it’s not only corps from different sectors and geographical regions, but also some of the world’s largest universities.
No way 33% would act together in a bad manner.


It would be a good idea to do some research before making claims that can’t be backed up. As others have said, L2s tend to be very centralised and compromise on security. Hedera doesn’t have to do that and is the most used (true usage not wash trading and volume driven by bots), sustainable and secure DLT. There is a place for L2s and some have great teams behind them, but this is a vote for a MetaMask network option and Hedera is the most obvious choice, IMO


Get Hedera in MetaMask. A vote for Hedera is a vote for asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance :saluting_face:


Crypto would be dead within a year


Ah I see the Hedera brigade was summoned from the Discord server lmao. It’s alright everyone, we all have our bag biases. Good luck to you all, Ethereum’s thriving ecosystem will be standing by with open arms when you’re ready.


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