Previous or old .ldb files on MAC

Hey all,

So about 267 days ago I had access to my old MetaWallet. I still have the computer that I used. Im trying to find the correct “0.00003” file in order to decrypt it.

Since then I had created a new MetaMask wallet, but some of the files still seem to have the creation date of when I was using that previous one, so I feel the information I need is in there.

Im curious if my Mac, has encrypted the data or anything like that because the Key words “data” or Vault" come up on the .ldb files BUT the code looks different and when pasted in the Decrypter, nothing happens.

I would like to note that I do find multiple .ldb files

Also could there be a back up of the extensions or history that is stored on the computer itself to find these older .ldb files?

Theres a significant amount of money on it, so Im fairly desperate. And I would be using the seed phrase if I had it (of course XD)

Any help would be great!
Thank you all very much in advance.

I will happily give whoever helps me a tip.