I did something really stupid

So back in March I decided to upgrade my PC. My new motherboard didn’t want to read the SSD so I decided to wipe it and install windows fresh onto it. What I didn’t remember was that I had my metamask wallet which contained some tokens. I downloaded disk drill a software that finds lost/deleted files and I found multiple folders that had the name nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn but dont know which one contains the file we’re looking for. Some of these folders contain .ldb and .log files. When me and my cousins husband try to open most of these files come back with symbols that we can not read. Are the files corrupted and if so is there anyway we can read them? Thank you.

If you have your 12 word Secret Recovery Phrase, you should be able to restore your wallet.

Here’s more info on it on our Knowledge Base:

Make sure to NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone!

The thing is that I don’t the 12 words. I’m trying to uncover them with the vault decrypter but I’m having issues in finding the right folder as well as reading the files in the folder