Problem with convertion Dai disappeared

I converted 84 matic to dai, I received 0.985364641770114365 DAI I did not notice it immediately and I made a transaction from bsc to matic, as soon as I realized that the dai did not arrive, I went to see the transactions on the dai but it had disappeared then I am went to the history and after clicking on the transaction I crashed google,my wallet address is 0x730FD7066780a1ac6B6B95c6F9671b52e3E0f41a

Are you sure that is the correct account address? I don’t see any Matic in this account:

i convert from matic to dai but even conversion also disappeared

yes i am sure ,I shared screenshots to you,i did some transactions today but on etherscan nothing results the latest is 3g ago

which decentralized exchange did you use to make this swap?

i swap matic to dai on metamask in the blue botton and i use xpollinate but the swap was only 0.98