Promise Token isn´t in my wallet of MetaMask just on Bscscan, need help!

Hi Community, Im new here and want to ask how can i add my Promise Token in my Wallet. I buyed it yesterday with BNB i transferd the BNB coin from Binance to MetaMask the i connected with Pancakeswap und buyed it but now i can´t see the Token in my wallet just when i go to Bscscan i can see the amount off my Tokens. Does anynone know how i add the Promise Token to my wallet?
Thank you!

HI @ueb.Hermi try this :point_down: open this page and click Add Token to Web3 Wallet

Same happened to me today - Did it already work oiut for you?

My instructions not working? :smiley: I’ll send you a private message :slightly_smiling_face: Julia.