Purchasing Velas with BNB on Dextools

Hey guys! I’d appreciate if you could help me.

So I decided to invest on Velas (VLX). From CMC, under the markets page I went to Dextools with the VLX/BNB pair. I connected my wallet and made the trade.

I then used bscscan to review my trade and added the token on Metamask so it would show up.

Now the VLX tokens show up on the BSC network but it seem to be like a custom token I created where if I go to the ETH network it shows up as it should (hopefully I’m making sense) but no tokens at all.

The question is, should I transfer them to the ETH network or is it just fine if the stay on the BSC network of my wallet? Is there a way to transfer them for one network to another?

Thank you very much!