Velas wrong shipping

I have successfully bridged VLX from VELAS network to BSC.
After doing that, the second time the funds seem to be stuck and both the VELASCHAIN ​​DE amount appears, but in the form of any VLX.

It looks like the funds are stuck in any exchange VLX common wallet.

I don’t know how to fix this.

Please help


I didn’t find the hash content you sent. Is there an error in sending it? In addition, which cross chain do you use?

I sent vlx. I entered the bnb (bep20) address. can’t we save

Vlx and BSC are not in the same chain. Do you transfer money directly? If so, it is lost. If it is through cross chain, which cross chain tool do you use?


You examine

Internal transactions? Didn’t you use the cross chain tool?

I don’t fully understand, but can you review the process?

I don’t quite understand the process you said. You need more detailed steps. You can send out the screenshot of the problem or the complete link of your cross chain hash

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