Regarding BNB gas and Multi-accounting in Metamask


Let’s just say I have two accounts in my MetaMask, the first account with some BNB, and the second without any BNB, and I want to buy some BSC Tokens into my second wallet, can MetaMask deduct the BNB gas fee from my first account, or should I buy the token through my first account?

Second question, just like the scenario above when I have some BNB in my first account, and no BNB in the second account, can I simply send some BNB from the first account to the second account even though I’m only using one MetaMask extension?

Thank you.

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Hi @Vanire ,

You’d only be able to buy BSC tokens through the account that holds BNB.

If you want to transfer your BNB from 1 account to another (in same wallet), it’s easy. Just click ‘send’ and the option of ‘transfer between my accounts’ will pop-up like in this screenshot. Just pick the account you want the BNB to go to.


Let us know if you have any further questions!


Thank you for the explanation!


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