Regarding multi-accounting security and Multi-chain addresses

Hello there, I have two extra questions regarding the MM wallet extension:

  1. I have heard multiple times about how people getting hacked and their money drained from their MM wallet after they participate in suspicious airdrops, connecting their MM wallet to a dodgy website, or approving unknown transactions from anon, my question: let’s just say that I only ever written my secret seed/recovery phrase on a piece of paper that’s now locked in a vault somewhere, and I have 2 accounts in my MM. If I approve a mysterious transaction that later turned out to be a hacker’s trap to hack into my first account, does that mean my second account is also compromised even though I never connect my second account to any website, never approve any mysterious transactions and never participate in any giveaways nor airdrop?

  2. Just to make sure, but when I change my chain from BSC to Matic, and then to Eth, my wallet addresses between the three is still the same. Correct me if I’m wrong, but different chain should all have different addresses, right?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Vanire

  1. Watch out for dangerous airdrops :smiley: always check them with the help of Google.
  2. One Ethereum address can be used to access multiple networks.
    BSC, Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum Classic and many others.

Hi there @Vanire

I’ll start with your second question: When you create a MetaMask wallet, or add a new account to this wallet, you’re given a unique public address. On Ethereum and other networks compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), public addresses all share the same format: they begin with 0x, and are followed by a 40 alphanumeric characters (numerals and letters), adding up to 42 characters in total.
EVM-compatible networks all share the Ethereum address format. This is because they’re generally ‘hard forks’, based heavily on Ethereum’s design, or share key fundamentals.

Due to these shared characteristics, you can use MetaMask to interact with any other EVM-compatible networks like Binance Smart Chain network or Polygon, using the same address.

Regarding your first question - related to scams/hackers will leave a few articles here:


Regarding your first question, my understanding is this.
It should just be this wallet (connected to the scam website) was hacked.
Other wallets should be safe as they are not connected to the website and are not authorized.

hope other friends can correct me if what I say is inaccurate.


Thank you for all the answers and replies guys. The information you guys provided has cleared all my questions.

God bless.


Of course, gladly. And thank you for taking the time and letting us know this.
Have a good one! :slight_smile:


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