Report scam on Twitter

Hello group. While asking a question to the pToken dapp account, I was DM by Metamask support. I had mentionned Metamask in my question so I thought it was normal and actually thought it was great service… but I’m not used to using Twitter, so I clicked on a link he sent to restore my wallet, stating that it would resolve my problem. Then, it was all looking good, web adress was … seemed legit. I clicked the restore wallet and entered my catch phrase. I know, it was stupid.
From there, I was sent to a huge QR code, took a photo and got a code. Never used it, though, beginning to smell the scam. Especially when the support (metamask wallet support account: @MetamaskUpdate) asked if I had coins in the wallet. When I asked why he asked, never got a response.
Then I went to the official Metamask twitter and asked the question about that particular support account, witch is not stated in the Metamask description. Another support went to me, now Metamask Helpdesk user: metamassksuport, to DM them.
The good thing is that I had not much and could send my eth elsewhere. I’m only stuck with yfi and no eth for gas fee to transfert. Dumb shot again (thought gaz was taken from the amount sent). But then, there was not much and it is still there, so I guess I was able to stop the hacking from happening totally.
So, I pinpointed the problem on Metamask on Twitter and creating this topic to advise people not to fall for this. Is there someting more I should do?

And on Reddit, where I was asking questions about scam, another phisher went to me in DM asking if he could help. MetaMask___support

Metamask is under attack these days I guess… They are everywhere! Wouldn’t be surprised if they knock at my door ! :sweat_smile:

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @DramisVoid!! :fox_face: :rocket:

I am very sorry to hear this happened. Unfortunately there are multiple fake MetaMask Support accounts created daily. We’re actively working to report and take these down as quickly as possible.

A few things to note with official MetaMask Support:

  • We do not provide support via DM on any social media platform
  • We do not provide any support on Telegram
  • We will never ask you to scan a QR code
  • We will never ask you for your seed phrase
  • You can find a list of our official support platforms here

For your privacy & security, I’ve created a support ticket for you so we can assist you further.