Reset Password Using Seed Phrase, sub-wallet is Missing and don't have Private Key. Help!

So, I have my seed phrase and restored my wallet. However when I went to re-import my BSC wallet it doesn’t show up. I used the mnemonic tool github. com/danfinlay/mnemonic-account-generator and I can see the address of my missing wallet. I know I have the right account, but I was never prompted to save the private key for MetaMask and I literally only have used it for this one thing. It’s incredibly frustrating that their isn’t some sort of prompt to save a private key if you’ll absolutely need that in addition to your seed phrase. Is there anything that can be done here or am I just out the money that I had in here?

I would never recommend this unintuitive tool to anyone and I don’t get the point of having your seed phrase not completely restore your full account like literally every other crypto wallet. Does anyone have a solution?

Hi @chrslxndr ,

If your BSC wallet was the same address as the Ethereum one, you just need to manually add the BCS network, change to the BSC network, and all your BSC tokens should still be there. You will need to add all the Tokens manually again.

If it was a new wallet you made from the same seed phrase, then all you need to do is create a new wallet and the wallet that is created should be your old address.


Could you find solution? I have same problem.