Ropsten ETH transaction stuck in Queued

  • Submitted 6 hours ago but still showing as Queued. Is this due to the catchup from the Ropsten issue on Wed? The network was producing blocks when I sent this and is still doing so now. What’s going on? [removed for safety]
  • BTW a very basic question: To which node is MetaMask sending these transactions? Is there an architecture pic somewhere?

ATTN @bharmon : Chrislan looks like a scammer.

Thank you for calling it out. @grgw
We don’t usually recommend restoring a wallet for a stuck transaction. If you do have to restore, please ensure that your seed phrase /secret recovery phrase only goes on the official MetaMask app.
In most cases, the troubleshooting steps would be to check on the block explorer for the stuck transaction. In this case, we don’t see it on the block explorer.
So the next step would be to reset the wallet.

To the question regarding the node, MetaMask (by default) uses Infura but has the ability to switch between node providers.

Fixed. Thanks for the info too.