Scam e-mail from Webinarinfo @ webinarjam . net

I set up a friends pc to mine eth a while back. Some days ago he received an e-mail that said he should verify his metamask wallet or it would be restricted.
I know that he should not have clicked it but he did … Not only that but he gave them his 12 phrase seed…
Now his metamask wallet is empty but it is not showing any outgoing transactions…
So the question is , how did the eth leave the wallet ?
And is there any hope of retrieving them?
Im aware that the wallet should be abandoned since he has given out his phrase.
Thank you in advance
Any help would be much appreciated!

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Unfortunately, blockchain transactions are generally not reversible.

Here’s a primer for security practices:

If you have the wallet address, we should be able to track it for you.

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ethereum: 0x201A31eE764D728D2c4B51Ec30DA730019463C61

Here are photos of the emails as well …

Hey @user1, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Thanks for sharing the scam email, it has been reported to the team.

Sorry to hear this has happened to your friend, when the Secret Recovery Phrase is compromised, the address can be accessed through other methods, such as other wallets or scripts.

Please read my case. I recently reached out to your team via link from this thread.

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