Scammer took my ETH

Can someone help me get my Eth back? Someone posing as tech support had me do an "account authentication " and all my Ethereum is gone. I need some help. I have the transaction address


Same exact thing happened to me via a twitter account called @walletconnect_0. Was that how you got scammed?

I’ve filed requisite reports with law enforcement (FBI, FTC, IC3) and have transaction hashes and wallet addresses. Unsure any of this will help either of us, but good places for you to start (if you are in the US) are Coinfirm, the FTC’s report fraud website, and the IC3 website.

Thanks for your reply. I was hacked by someone posing as tech support on a FB metamask group. They said I needed to verify my account. I feel so stupid. I’m in Canada , I wonder if I should contact the RCMP?

Hello @carrieannearts / @jontanners

I went through the same experience in June, I think I was somehow lucky as I was able to recover most of the stolen funds.

What you need to do (the fastest the better):

1 - Report to the IC3 if you are in the US (action fraud if you are based in the UK).

2 - Seek legal assistance. The best crypto solicitors out there are Silver Miller Law, Crypto Legal, and Roche Fredman, upon checking the options and the fees for their legal services, I chose Crypto Legal, they helped me through all the process and managed to recover a decent percentage of the stolen assets.

You can contact the solicitors in the following email: info@cryptolegal uk

3 - Whatever you do, NEVER, under no circumstance, hire one of those “crypto recovery companies” they are a total scam, they would only make you lose your time and your hard-earned money.

As always DYOR and act fast, time is vital in the matter.

PS: Metamask customer support sucks, so don’t expect anything from them.

I’m in Canada. Do you know of any help for Canadians?

thank you for your detailed info. it’s very helpful. I’m just devastated and this whole world is out of my skillset. I’m not sure who to turn to or if I should even go to the effort of trying to recover?

I think the lawyers work with clients worldwide, drop them an email and check with them.